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All websites published on the internet have one main purpose. To be seen by people surfing and searching for information. It doesn't matter whether the website in question is for selling products, offering services or providing information, if the website is not found and read then it is failing miserably. SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the process which uses a variety of techniques to get visitors to a website.

Search Engine ResultsWARNING!
If your website is not appearing on the First Pages of Search Results for keywords related specifically to your business in your area, then your website could be doing you more harm than good!

Because if your website is not on display alongside all your competitors, it gives the impression that your business is equally underperforming.

In Ireland, before broadband became established, a lot of websites were produced to be online brochures with very little thought to generating online traffic. The website address was printed on the business cards and letter headings and people came to the sites by typing in the address. But Ireland is into the digital marketing age now.  People surf the net. They "Google" a search term. They check out options from their armchairs. Even if they have heard of your business, they don't bother to go and find your website address and type it in. They look for it on a search engine, Google, Yahoo or Bing. The problem arises when they find your competitors site before they find yours. 

Search Engine Marketing Benefits You by..

Sending More Visitors to Your Website
Search Engine Marketing
Visitors are Targeted, High Value Leads
Search Engine Marketing
More People see Your Products and Services
Search Engine Marketing
Gives You the Opportunity to Promote and to Get Their Contact Details
Search Engine Marketing
Increased Sales and Possibly Followup Sales
Search Engine Marketing
More Visitors means Your Website Moves Up the Search Engine Rankings
Search Engine Marketing
Which Sends Even More Visitors to Your Website

Search Engine Marketing LocationUltimately every business is out there to sell something. Selling on the online marketplace is just the same as on the real life high street. Where your website ranks on the results when someone does a search is exactly the same as the being in the busy town centre or being stuck down a quiet side street.
Location, Location, Location!

To put it simply, Search Engine Marketing works by making your website seem more popular and relevant to visitors. It starts with keyword research to increase the numbers of visitors to the site, whether by Google Advertising by SEO, or a combination of both. If the visitors stay longer on a page and if they click to other pages on the same website rather than going to another site, Google and other search engines deem this to be a good sign, as your site is satisfying the requirements of the searchers, and reward your website accordingly by moving it up in the search results.

Search Engine Marketing  (SEM) is the first and most important step in  the Internet Marketing process, but it doesn't stop with getting more visitors to your website. Persuading them to stay requires an effective website design and great content. Making a sale or getting them to contact you is vital to your business success.  We like to focus our internet marketing services initially on Search Engine Marketing, with traffic generation as a primary concern.  This leads onto what experience the visitor has when they land on your site, looking specifically at methods to increase sales and monitoring statistics to maximise your return on investment.

In Ireland, social media has been slower to take off than in the US, but it is now a rapidly growing phenomen. Socal Media marketing provides alternative opportunities for businesses to market their brand, products and services and increase targeted traffic  to their websites.

A Little or a Lot!
Whether you have a big budget for long term investment in your website, or working with you for inexpensive ways to improve your website rankings and get increased business, Talk to Us 051-330579, and see how Search Engine Marketing can make your Online Business a Success

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