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Let's be honest, it's 2011 and having a great looking website just isn't enough!

Having a great looking website isn't enough to make you truly successful on the internet anymore, but it's a great place to start.  In the early years of internet marketing, before there was a computer in virtually every household, a website was essentially an advertising billboard on the  web, where you sent people to get a few details and then give you a call to talk about business. If the site looked good, perhaps a bit of flash, a few images thrown in for good measure, then it did the job and that was that - and it's never been touched since!

How many of you fall into that category?

Or perhaps you were the business who always said " I must get a website" and seven years on you're still saying it.?

Well, we need to tell you confidentially......

WAKE UP to internet marketing in the 21st century

The internet is the most effective form of advertising available in the 21st century, and the truth is, if your business isn't getting shown to people searching online for your products and services in your area then you are missing out on a huge source of potential new business.

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You need your website to be found by people doing searches on the Internet because:

  • there are people who never heard of you looking for your type business right now
  • there are people who have heard of you looking for your business on the internet and finding your competitors instead
  • there are people looking for your business who cannot find you because your website does not rank high enough to be seen on the first or second page of the search engine search results

"Remember, a business that doesn't advertise is set up to fail"

The good news is that the internet is great advertising platform in which:

  • your website is only shown to the actual people who are looking for it, the ideal targeted marketing strategy using Keyword Research
  • you can get top results far cheaper than the kind of money you would spend on traditional media advertising, and even a small investment in search engine marketing can go a long way if your niche is not too competitive.
  • Get a website that doesn't just look good, but is designed with marketing in mind from the start
  • While there is always a question of budget, there are many low cost options that a business can take to greatly increase their search engine rankings with SEO ( seach engine optimisation), even in competitive areas, which helps level the field with the "big boys" with big budgets.
  • Advertising on Google, where you dictate the daily budget
  • Being found on the internet is only the first step. The content of the website needs to convert the visitor to a sale, or at least get their contact details.
  • Ever consider email marketing, online promotions, follow up marketing using non-internet methods?

Don't you think it's time you took action and got your website to really work for you?

This is what you have to do

Go and do an online search for your keywords (not your website!)

  1. Do you rank on the first or second page of search results?
  2. Are your competitors higher up than you?
  3. If you click on the link do you go to a page that really encourages the visitor to contact you or buy your product. Try to see it from the visitors perspective
  4. Is your website set up to get the visitors' contact details before they leave?

 The bottom line is........
Internet Marketing If you want more customers
Internet Marketing If you think your website could be better
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uild up your online business f
rom scratch
Internet Marketing If you need help to be successful online with effective search engine marketing services.......
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