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Social Media Marketing Waterford and the South East of Ireland

"Social Media Marketing is NOT a passing trend - are you using it to your advantage?"

  • Blogs 
  • Youtube 
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook 
  • Myspace 
  • ............Arrgh! 

The list is endless. There are so many social networking groups out there that sometimes it is impossible to know where to begin. It is hard to believe that so many people could be interested in knowing what other people are doing, but the statistics prove it, online social media is a growing phenonmenon.

From our perspective as Internet Marketers, we have to take social media and use it to our advantage in the online marketplace. If there is a way for YOU to use social media to improve your online business, get higher rankings and generate targeted leads, for very little financial outlay - wouldn't you be interested?

Hey is that You?

Social Media

We aren't suggesting that you post pictures of your sunburn to try to generate more customers for your painting business.


But what about some Youtube videos showing the kind of work you do, attention to detail, care and cleaning.
Don't you think that someone actually seeing the quality of the work you do, before and after, might encourage them to call you ahead of your competitors?

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Plus - the added advantages of using social media.......

  • More links to your website improve your website search ranking  and is a very powerful part of any search engine marketing strategy. 
  • A great opportunity for prospective customers to see you as a real and trustworthy person rather than just a name and phone number
  • Social media is very popular as people as "entertained" while they are on the computer, They are more relaxed and open to suggestion, and getting them to believe your product is good by demonstrating it is much easier than getting them to believe your products are good because it says so half way down the page
  • A way for visitors to interact with you. All feedback should be used to improve your service and is a vital part of any business
  • An easy way to generate testimonials, as people might not like to write one and hand them over, but usually don't have a problem leaving online comments, or even recordings!

"We could go on and on and on about the advantages of social media, but we would probably bore the pants off you!"

But the truth is, as Internet Marketers, we KNOW FOR A FACT, that Social Media Marketing Works and is Here to Stay.

Contact Us or Call us 051-330579
and let us help you get your business to the next level with social media marketing.

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